The Archetype Universe: Is It Real?

Before I get into a fuller discussion of The Archetype Universe, I first want to clarify where I am coming from in presenting this realm.  Many would look at the idea of The Archetype Universe and assume that it is pure fantasy.  I, for my part, do not.  From my perspective it is real and … Read more

Stan Lee and The Archetype Universe.

What does Stan Lee, Tarot, and the Archetypes have in common?  Probably a lot more than most would realize. The late Stan Lee was an incredible and humble genius whose influence on our world was greater than what he would ever admit to.  The characters he created influenced and inspired countless millions around the globe.  … Read more

The Fool.

  The Fool: Tarot Short Video The Fool is the first card of the Major Arcana.  He represents Spirit being born into the material world. The Fool can be thought of as a new Spirit or soul being born into the physical realm.  As such The Fool also stands for a beginner just starting out … Read more

A Simple 7 Card Spread. (Video Presentation)

When I first started doing Tarot readings in the 1970’s I started with the standard Celtic Cross Spread and stayed with it for many years.  But over the past 10 years I’ve found the value in using different spreads for different occasions.  The one spread I’ve come to depend on the most is this simple … Read more

My Spiritual Journey: Embracing The Shadow.

Carl Jung Spiritually, it’s been a wild ride for me in this present incarnation. I was born into a conservative Roman Catholic family, where early on in life I embraced ambitions of becoming a priest.  I also had an early interest in the occult and all things metaphysical.  When I entered the Catholic seminary program, … Read more

Fate Or Free Will?

Does Fate control your destiny or Free Will?  And where do the Tarot Cards fit in? This is a question and an attitude that comes up in Tarot Reading periodically.  Most of the time it comes up in the attitude behind the questions asked: Will I ever find happiness? Will I ever find love? Will … Read more