The Fool.

  The Fool: Tarot Short Video The Fool is the first card of the Major Arcana.  He represents Spirit being born into the material world. The Fool can be thought of as a new Spirit or soul being born into the physical realm.  As such The Fool also stands for a beginner just starting out … Read more

My Spiritual Journey: Embracing The Shadow.

Carl Jung Spiritually, it’s been a wild ride for me in this present incarnation. I was born into a conservative Roman Catholic family, where early on in life I embraced ambitions of becoming a priest.  I also had an early interest in the occult and all things metaphysical.  When I entered the Catholic seminary program, … Read more

Fate Or Free Will?

Does Fate control your destiny or Free Will?  And where do the Tarot Cards fit in? This is a question and an attitude that comes up in Tarot Reading periodically.  Most of the time it comes up in the attitude behind the questions asked: Will I ever find happiness? Will I ever find love? Will … Read more