Fate Or Free Will?

Does Fate control your destiny or Free Will?  And where do the Tarot Cards fit in?

This is a question and an attitude that comes up in Tarot Reading periodically.  Most of the time it comes up in the attitude behind the questions asked:

Will I ever find happiness?

Will I ever find love?

Will I ever become rich and famous?

People will ask these questions as if their lives are outside of their own control; as if the Universe must give these things to them if these dreams are ever going to be realized.  In other words, it becomes clear the client believes in fate and that (in their own world view) fate has the ultimate control over their destiny.  And they come to a Tarot Reader to find out what fate has in store for them and to somehow (if at all possible) appease the gods or the Universe in some way hoping that the reader can work some form of magic to help them live better lives and force fate to give them a better deal.  In my own world view, nothing could be further from the truth.

In my point of view we are all free beings created in the image and likeness of the Supreme Deity, in whatever way a person understands that most personal concept.  We are not slaves but rather Children of The Divine with Divine elements and qualities residing within us.  We are each manifestations of The Divine in flesh and blood existence; each loved and empowered by our Creator with certain rights and powers.  And, among these powers is Free Will; the liberty to live as we choose in this world and to create our own destinies.  Yet many do not understand this gift of Free Will.  And so they neglect it and surrender it to a deck of cards, not knowing the power they are throwing away.  A waste of Cosmic proportions.

It has been said, “When you know the power that dwells within you, you will never need to be frightened again.”  I am in full harmony with that statement, and keep it in mind daily.  We are not powerless children, although at times that very well may appear to be the case.  Rather we are Immortal Spirit dwelling in flesh for a limited time with certain gifts and powers at our command.  But, these gifts and powers are not readily apparent to us in the beginning, and we all need a guide or a teacher to help us in discovering our own unique abilities.  That is where Tarot comes in.  Tarot is a tool that we can use to help use discover the gifts we carry inside.  And a good reader using the Tarot can aid us in thinking more creatively about who we really are and where we fit in within the grand scheme of things.  To me Tarot is not a god or a tool of fate.  Rather Tarot is a teacher we can go to for guidance and comfort during times of uncertainty.  And, if we listen to the lessons given and ACT UPON THEM, we can change our lives for the better and go from begging the Universe to be kind to us to building the kind of Universe we would like to live in.  We create our own reality each and every day with each choice we make.  But most people do so unconsciously and passively allow others around them to steal their power.  I see my job as a Tarot Reader as being to help awaken those who unconsciously create so that they may become fully aware Co-Creators working with the Deity of their understanding to build a better world for themselves and others.  That is how I handle my cards, and that is the attitude I carry into each reading I do.

When you come to me for a reading, what I will do is to look at the energy surrounding you to discover the powers at play both within you and around you.  After that we explore how to use those powers to your greatest benefit.  So, in the end, I will not be making predictions about what may or may not come to pass in your life.  Rather I will help you see the gifts you have within to help you build the future you desire.  My goal is to help take you from passive observer to full participant in your own life and to help lead you along the path of self improvement and self discovery.   If you are seeking help in becoming the best possible person you can be, then you and I are on the same page.

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