The Fool.


The Fool: Tarot Short Video

The Fool is the first card of the Major Arcana.  He represents Spirit being born into the material world.

The Fool can be thought of as a new Spirit or soul being born into the physical realm.  As such The Fool also stands for a beginner just starting out on a new journey.  In this regard The Fool can sometimes be thought of as being an Innocent or a naive person (a fool of sorts) who is lacking in experience, but who never-the-less is eager to get going on some new adventure.

Although The Fool is depicted as being a young man, his sex is not set in stone.  The Fool can be thought of in either the masculine or feminine sense.  One vision I had while meditating on The Fool was of two planes playing together in the sky.  The planes swooped back and forth as if playing tag with each other as they made their way to the ground below.  In this vision I interpreted the two planes as representing the two biological sexes.  So, in this understanding, the soul coming into being can be male, female, or a mixture of both.  People come in all varieties; so too does The Fool.

As far as life struggles go, The Fool can represent a new project which the seeker may be considering, or the need to see things again with a fresh set of eyes.  The Fool can also represent new life choices the seeker may be asking about, or a new relationship just coming into play.

The early Golden Dawn practitioners called The Fool, “The Spirit of Ether.”  He/She is the Trump of Air.  Clearly The Fool is closely tied to the world of Spirit, and as such can be thought of as new life coming into the world, or even the birth of a new child.  The Fool is what happens when the world of Spirit first seeks to break into the world of matter.  The Fool represents the very first step in one’s metaphysical journey.

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