Two Simple Yes/No Spreads (And A Third Alternative)

I was asked recently about how to do a simple Yes/No Tarot Spread.

Actually there are a number of ways to handle Yes/No questions in Tarot, ranging from simple to very complex.

In the video above I demonstrate 2 very simple ways to handle a Yes/No question, and give a third option that is more on the complex side.   The three methods are detailed in writing below as well.

Odd/Even Method

This method is super simple.  In this system the odd numbered cards mean “No” and the even numbered cards mean “Yes.”  Face cards likewise mean “Yes.”

To get started just lay out the cards in any kind of a spread you like.  I generally go with a simple three card spread.  Then count up the number of odd and even cards.  If the majority of the cards laid down are odd…the answer is “No.”  If the majority of the cards are even…the answer to the question is “Yes.”  If there is a tie (or near tie) in the number of odd and even cards, then the answer can be interpreted as being a “Maybe.”  To avoid ties, I like using a card spread that uses an odd number of cards.

Ace High Method

This is a little more complicated method, but it is still pretty simple.

In this method you lay down 3 piles of up to 13 cards each.  When you hit an Ace, you stop laying down cards on that pile and move on to the next pile.  If you hit 13 cards without turning up an Ace, then you likewise move on to the next pile.  When the 3 piles are complete, see how many Aces you have showing.

In this system only the Aces mean “Yes” and all other cards mean “No.”  Three Aces showing mean a definite “Yes!”  Two Aces showing is a simple “Yes,” and only one Ace is a likely “No.”  No Aces showing is a definite “NO!”

The Intuitive Method

This method ranks as a more complicated one and takes time to master.  In the Intuitive Method of answering a Yes/No question you cast the cards using your favorite Tarot Spread.  Then you take a look at the cards and use your own intuition to tell you if the answer is a “Yes,” a “No,” or a “Maybe.”

Let your intuition take over and have a conversation with the cards.  See if the cards can tell you if the answer is “Yes” or “No” and perhaps even why the answer is a “Yes” or “No.”  This method takes time to master and would take more space to teach than what we have allotted in this short article.  But, with time and practice, even the novice reader can become a master.  It is my method of choice in doing readings of any kind.

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